Number Formatting

Hi Folks,

In relation to number formatting, I am setting a financials dashboard and need to put values in thousands without the K at the end and in ()'s for negative numbers. When I remove the K in the code, the formatting breaks and doesn’t stay in thousands. Additionally, I can’t figure out to do formatting for negative numbers. Any idea how to set things up to do the following:

1,000,000 → $1,000
-1,000,000 → ($1,000)

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Hi Julian, @jsaaiman

Thank you for reaching out to us! Could you please share the reason you prefer the format to be in that way?

HI Daphne, we are using holistics to create a company wide financial dashboard where leadership can self service. Generally financials are formatted in this way. it makes it easier to see negative numbers. Additionally, we don’t put a K at the end, we would state the unit at the top of the dashboard ($ Thousands). It generally just makes the view cleaner and easier to understand.

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@jsaaiman Hi Julian, thank you for sharing your use case with us!

I completely understand that the format you mentioned will make the view cleaner and easier to understand for your business users.

Unfortunately, we have not yet supported such formatting. However, I have already noted your request in our backlog. While I can’t make any promises, I am checking with the relevant team to see if we can prioritize this for you. I will keep you posted on the status.

Thank you for your understanding!