Network Visualisation

Are there any plans to introduce a network visualisation within the platform, to be able to visualise things such as; social networks etc.



I’m Hung from Product Team at Holistics. Thanks for bringing up this idea!

Could I ask for a specific use case in which you need this kind of visualization?


Hi Hung

Thanks for coming back on this.

One use case is to enable a business to understand the network of sales people and customers within their business. This will mean you have two types of nodes (target & source), with edges connecting them. The nodes would be reflected in different colours and could vary in size based upon a value/metric - in this example amount sold/purchased. The edges as well, generally can be adjusted to represent different values/metrics/types/status, although I appreciate this is more complex to build.

This would enable a business to understand from a commercial perspective what their most “profitable” network looks like:

  • whether it is one large customer in networks making profitable sales people
  • whether it is some of medium customers in networks making profitable sales people
  • whether it is lots of small customers in networks making profitable sales people
  • whether it is a mix of all

This is just one commercial use case in business of how networks can be useful. However there are many other applications across business such as:

  • visualising most connected/influential people in organisations
  • visualising hierarchical organisation structures
  • visualising fraud patterns

This can be done in Python, with NetworkX as the most common package used to create such visualisations.

Any other questions, please let me know.



Thanks for the clarification!

It’s a bit hard for us to implement the network visualization at the moment. However, our team has noted your suggestion. If there is any update, we will let you know.

At the moment, I believe there are many alternative charts/ways you can use to solve your use-cases. So the network visualization is not really a blocker right?


Hi Hung

Whilst I agree that there are ways to use multiple charts to create the same message, this will require more visuals on a page, as well as requiring a lot of clicking around to return the same information that can be displayed in one network visual. If this i

This is a concern for me, particularly when the person interacting with the dashboard, is less technically proficient and could cause the message to be lost and/or confused.

Therefore, whilst I agree it is not a blocker, I feel it will not enable us to democratise information and share insights with a wider audience as easily as we hoped, which is slightly disappointing, given that network and graph theory analysis can be very powerful tools to deliver messages across businesses.


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Thank you so much for the details, Ben!

I carefully noted your case and will raise it up in the next product meeting. If there is any update, I will let you know!

All the best,