Multiple tabs in dashboards

I’m trying to see if I can have multiple dashboards accessible from one. e.g. PBI I can create tabs and have different reports on each on. Does holistics have anything like that?

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Hi @sm_mk,
Welcome to the community. Currently, we don’t support tab in Dashboard but could you share more about your workflow in Dashboard and why do you need Dashboard’s tabs?

In my case, this would allow me to share multiple dashboards with only 1 sharable link. But for internal use, I think the tree browser allows me to easily navigate between dashboards already.

Anthony’s point is one scenario for tabs we use as well. I guess it depends on if we’re using shareable links or licensed users because those links wont see that tree structure so I’d have to send multiple links in one for one complete look. e.g. a pbi dash I have is financial, one tab for expenditure related charts/widgets, one for revenue related, one for trends, etc. There’s far too much to put onto one holistics dashboard w/out the user scrolling down forever.

Hmm, thinking about allowing admins to create shareable links for folders.

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I think a shareable link for a folder or something like tabs would be a welcome change. We too share dashboards with some internal and external users and this would make our workflow and experience for those users a lot easier.

I agree that a better way of presenting multiple dashboards as a single output would be good - call it tabs, pages, whatever.

It would allow you to create group of related outputs that may go together to tell a broader narrative. And it does go beyond just sharing a link, but also things like PDF subscriptions, where page 1 might be an exec summary, page 2 a division breakdown etc. This would come from separate dashboards, but you want to group them together without creating a single huge dashboard

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