Modify style in embedded analytics?

WHat options do we have for enhancing the styles in our embedded analytics dashboards? How can I change text color, panel background colors, anything like that?


Hi David,

This is Phuong from Holistics Product Team.

To answer your question:

  • In order to change the style of the embedded dashboard, you will have to edit the original dashboard (the one that you created to generate an embed link). The changes will be applied to both the original dashboard and the embedded dashboard.
  • If you are using the 3.0 version of our platform, the options for styling your dashboard are limited and require some hacky workarounds:
    • Step 1: Create a Text Widget in your dashboard.
    • Step 2: Apply CSS.
    • For example, in the screenshot, I’ve created a Text Widget “Widget to style the dashboard” and used CSS to change the text in my dashboard to Times New Roman and green.
  • If you are using the 4.0 version of our platform, which is our Dashboard As-Code version, you will have more styling options defined by codes. Please refer to this doc to learn more about our As-Code: Holistics 4.0 (Analytics As-Code)

Customization for embedded analytics dashboards is a product feature we’re looking into. It’d be great if you can share more about your use case:

  1. What is your primary need for styling the embedded dashboard?
  2. How important is it for you to get the desired styling for the embedded dashboard?
  3. What platform version are you currently using?

Best regards,