Max limit in Chart is not working

Hello Team,
I have created a dashboard using Canvas Dashboard … I did some updates and charts as below … I put the Max value of the bar chart as 1 because of that it appears as 100% … See below please

The problem is when I click on Save Changes button the Max values in the left changed!! … See below after I clicked on the Save button

Why that happened after I saved the changes … When I go back to the settings to see the Max option it was empty … See below


Is this something we can’t save it or use it for example

Please advise

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Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Thanks for reporting this issue! After checking we found this is a bug in canvas dashboard.
We are working on a fix for, I will keep you updated!

Best regards,

While waiting for the fix, as a workaround, you can manually edit the dashboard code to set max limit for your chart.

While editing the dashboard:

  1. Click on the viz block’s action menu, then click on Show in code editor to view the code of your viz block
  2. find the y_xis code, and add the settings block with the content similar to the screenshot below
  3. Save/preview again

Hi @Hamza_rashed ,
We have released the fix for this error. Could you check if this issue persists on your end?

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