Make Metric definitions visible to explorers

It would be nice if our colleagues with Explorer permissions, are able to see the definitions of Metrics. Currently only Analyst role and higher will be able to see the metric definitions.

As most of the typical users in a company are explorers or viewers, it makes sense to expose definitions to explorers at least.

How about promoting them to Analysts without data source access?

Hi @anthonytd
Thank you.

Promoting them to Analyst brings new issues, such as:

  • Analyst has access to AML, SQL-Editor, Data Alerts and a lot of advanced stuff

I think this issue has to do with the High-Levelness of the permission system, se this feature suggestion: Granular Permission System

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Hi @anthonytd

Any updates on this? Should be an easy fix no?

Hi @Abdel
We are afraid that it’s not an easy fix since it can affect how we design our whole Permission System (as we explained in Granular Permission System).
However, we will take note of your case and will let you know if there is any further update on it :blush: