Make AML commit history readable

I’m trying out the new git integration features. I’ve been looking at the commit history. I’m seeing a lot of “changes” to things that I didn’t really change. It looks like Holistics is saving the AML code without preserving the previous order of various elements. So if all I do is add a dimension, then it might move other dimensions around and it make it really hard to tell that all I did was add a field. Unfortunately, this problem negates most of the benefits of storing AML in git because it substantially complicates code review and change tracking.

I think this happens when I use the GUI to add or update a field instead of code. I really like having both options, and wouldn’t be able to enforce that other devs only ever use code. Although if I had to choose, I would choose to disable the GUI so we could have better code reviews.

I think the solution would just be to enforce that when using the GUI, the AML elements are saved in alphabetical order. Or even better, just preserve the previous order and tack on any new elements at the end.