Losing widget views in nav bar when going from explorer to analyst

I have a dashboard which everyone has explorer rights to. I upgraded one person’s rights to analyst so he could help me edit and now in the left hand navigation pane he no longer sees the widgets under each dashboard. He can still see them on the dashboard itself and edit but it’s strange he can’t see them in the nav pane. I put him back to explorer and he can see them again. Is this a bug?

Hi @sm_mk

Actually, it’s our expected behavior: Users can see the widgets in the leftnav only if they are allowed to see the widget data. In other words:

  • Admin: See all widgets on the nav pane
  • Analyst: See all widgets whose data sources are shared with them
  • Explorer: See all widgets (because the dashboard is shared with them)

Back to your case, I guess that you haven’t shared the data source to that analyst, so he isn’t allowed to see the widget’s data in this dashboard. Therefore, these widgets aren’t shown in the nav pane.

However, I believe that we should improve our UX a bit here to avoid the case where our customers misunderstand this behavior. For example, we can show all the widgets in the nav pane but hide their names and show sth like “Permission denied". I’ll forward this issue to our Product Design team for further improvements :blush:

If I’ve understood correctly, I would suggest not doing it like this - in larger organisations you could have dozens of datasets & hundreds of widgets. If all widgets a user can’t access show as ‘permission denied’, it sounds like it would lead to excess clutter.

I totally agree with you @david-ri
That’s why we hid all the widgets that they aren’t allowed to access in the nav bar. But it causes another problem that Mike has raised - Some users don’t know why they lost widget view in this nav.
My above example isn’t our final decision yet. Instead, our Product Design team will do a research and make decisions on the final result :blush: