Localization support for different languages

Hey, is there a way to change visual language of the reports and tooltips? We want to localize some of our dashboards to another language, but couldn’t find the proper way to do it. There are some tooltips that we want to translate. Thanks

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Hi Ilter! @ilter

Thank you for reaching out to us! I believe you can name the dashboard and reports in any language. And the tooltips reflect the field names of your models, which is also in your own language.

Could you please provide me with some examples so that I can better understand your needs?


Hi Daphne @daph.td ,

Thanks for your response, what we require is multi-lingual support. Users from Spain (we will decide on the display language for each user) see the texts in Spanish and users from Turkey see the texts in Turkish for the same dashboards/reports. We don’t want to duplicate the same dashboards for different languages.

Also if we have the option to translate some texts (any value, last 1 month up to today, previous 1 month etc.) to different languages that would be great:

Hope it is more clear.

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Hi Ilter! @ilter

Thank you for providing such a detailed explanation, it’s very clear! I appreciate your input regarding the need for multi-lingual support, and the specific use case you outlined makes perfect sense.

Currently, our platform doesn’t support localization as you described, but I have duly noted your feedback and added it to our roadmap for further consideration.

Thank you,

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