Legend Labeling

I am often plotting with a TRUE/FALSE dimension on the legend and it only shows true/false along with the name of the metric. It would be great if we could create custom labels for the legend (or the true/false on the legend includes the name of the dimension.

+1 - we always end up creating business calcs for these to display better it’s a pain!

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Hi @cjm-shiftsmart,

Thank you for the suggestion! Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what you’re trying to achieve and how it’s currently displayed in Holistics?

This will help us understand your use case more thoroughly.

Cheers :love_you_gesture:

just shows true or false along with the measure. Doesnt show the dimension name or allow you to rename

Hi @cjm-shiftsmart,

We acknowledge there’s a lack of customizability with the Legend label and have added your suggestion to our backlog for further improvements.

In the meantime, I’ve got a workaround that might help in your specific case. Right now, the legend labels combine the value of the Legend dimension with the name of the measure. To display only the dimension values, you can create a Custom Label for the measure and use " " (a blank space) so it won’t show up on the chart.


Hope this workaround helps for now!