[Launched] UX Improvement for “save changes” in modeling page (4.0)


Previously, when users make changes to their files (in both GUI and code view), a few confusing behaviors happened on the studio:

  • The workflow would require users to “save” those changes to proceed (with preview, with deployment, with conducting reports, etc.) but there was no obvious prompt on that.
  • Despite not being saved, new changes are still shown on “Preview”


What we did?

  • Make “Save” button more prominent when changes are made compared to when there’s no changes.
  • Make it more obvious about the difference between the states when changes are made and when there’s no changes.
  • Show tooltip during the workflow (ie. Preview) to remind users on saving changes.

With the latest improvement, you are constantly prompted with hint to save your changes. No more oversight on saving your changes during the modeling workflow!