Launched: Role-playing dimension with AML Extend

Hey everyone :wave:

We’re excited to introduce a new function in AML called Extend that helps you extend and re-use data models, datasets and dashboards easily.

This reusability mechanism is very useful for implementing role-playing dimensions :playground_slide: (among other use cases). Previously, implementing this required users to:

  • :one: Duplicate the same data model and import them into a dataset. When you need to change or add things, you have to manually do so in every duplicated data models.
  • :two: Use one data model but referenced multiple times in a dataset. You have to manually disable multiple relationships and leave only one enabled for it to work.

Now, with AML Extend, you can simply extend a data model into multiple data models playing different roles, and import them into your dataset. Please watch the demo video below to see how it works :point_down:

We’ll release this feature soon, but we believe it’ll help you re-use a lot of existing analytics logics, and reduce manual efforts as well as human errors.


Hi everyone,

I am glad to inform you that we have officially released AML Extend. You can use AML Extend on data models, datasets and even dashboards. We hope that this would help you re-use your data better, reduce duplication and ultimately arrive at business insights faster.

You can read more about AML Extend in this docs.