[Launched] Lazy-rendering Widgets in Dashboards


Greetings, everyone! :wave:

On Oct 12, we released a new performance improvement to Dashboards: Lazy-rendering Widgets. :confetti_ball:


  • Before:
    • All widgets are executed and rendered when opening the Dashboard.
    • The rendering of all widgets can easily accumulate and make the browser stagger.
  • After:
    • All widgets are executed when opening the Dashboard, but only those visible in the viewport will be rendered!
    • As a result, the initial load of a Dashboard will be much more responsive and pleasant! :rocket:


In the demo video(s) below, Iā€™m trying out a Dashboard with 20 Pivot Tables.

  • Before:
    • It took nearly 10 seconds for the Dashboard to be responsive.
    • This gets worse as the total number of widgets in the Dashboard goes up.
  • After
    • It took 1-2 seconds for the Dashboard to be responsive. :muscle:

Ending Notes

We hope you enjoy this improvement.
More performance optimizations and features are on the way!

Cheers! :beers: