🔢 Launched: KPI Metric with a Modern Look

Hi folks,

Every executive loves to analyze big numbers. And did you know that 1 in every 5 dashboards in Holistics use KPI Metrics? That’s exactly why we’re excited to introduce a new visually improved KPI Metric on Canvas Dashboard.

KPI metrics

What’s new:

  • Bigger and bolder numbers: Numbers now take the center stage while still keeping other elements readable
  • Improved layouts & alignments: Labels, numbers, and comparisons are better aligned and eliminating redudant whitespaces
  • No more repetitive title: Block titles are automatically hidden to ensure a clean and focused view of your KPIs

Availabilty: This update is exclusively available on Canvas Dashboard. Sign up for Canvas Dashboard by filling out this form: Canvas Dashboard Early Interest Form.

:point_down: Share us your thoughts on this new update! Is there any other functionalities you wish to see added to or improved in the KPI Metric?


:bulb: Tips: Combined with the flexibility of Canvas Dashboard, you can create visually appealling KPI Metric cards such as this one.