Launched: Dashboard Period-over-Period Comparison

Hi all :raising_hand_man:,

We are thrilled to announce the Open Beta access for our latest feature: Dashboard Period-over-Period comparison (Dashboard PoP)!

Much like Widget-level PoP, Dashboard PoP allows non-technical users to visually compare data from different time periods.

Furthermore, as it operates at the dashboard level, Dashboard PoP is similar to Filter in that:

  • Editors can select multiple widgets to map to the same POP Comparison
  • Viewers can flexibly change the comparison period to explore data

However, kindly note that each widget can only map to one POP Comparison at a time. This means if a widget already has a PoP in its settings, Dashboard PoP will override it.

How to configure Dashboard POP

You can add PoP to your dashboard simply by clicking on the “Add Control” button, and choosing “Period-over-Period Comparison”.

More information and instructions in our documentation: :arrow_upper_right: Dashboard Period-over-Period Comparison | Holistics Docs.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Do feel free to share your feedback with us at any time, under this post or via our in-app Feedback form.


[Update: Beta program ended]
The Beta program for Dashboard PoP has concluded with lots of new updates. Thanks to all of your valuable feedback, our team were able to enhance the experience this feature brings even more!

Dashboard PoP is now officially released :rocket:.
Do check out this Release note for more details: Dashboard Period-over-Period Comparison: Beta Program Ending & Official Release.

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Hi all :raising_hand_man:,

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the Official release of the Dashboard Period-over-Period Comparison feature :rocket:

As our Beta program has concluded, we’ve made significant enhancements based on your feedback:

  • :white_check_mark: Automatically selecting the date field used in visualization when you enable PoP for a widget
  • :white_check_mark: Tooltips to inform you when a visualization type does not support PoP
  • :white_check_mark: and several minor UI upgrades for a smoother experience

We are confident that these updates will help you create dashboard-scaled period comparisons with ease.
For more information, please refer to our public document: Dashboard Period-over-Period Comparison | Holistics Docs.

I’d love to extend our huge thanks to our beta users for your invaluable support throughout the process! Your feedback serves as great motivation for us to continue delivering excellent solutions.