Launched: Custom period in Period-over-Period Comparison

Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:,

Have you ever encountered the need to compare data from a period with another arbitrary period?
We’re excited to announce that Holistics now offers a solution: the Custom period functionality!

This is an additional option in our Period Comparison feature. We have just launched the Open Beta access for everyone to try it out! :rocket:

How exactly can Custom period benefit you?

Let’s say you want to compare your “Black Friday” Sales week’s performance between this year and last year. However, these two weeks have different start dates, so it’s not ideal to compare to exactly one year ago. With the Custom period functionality, you can now easily select the desired date range for comparison. It’s that simple!

Moreover, Custom period is available in both Widget-level and Dashboard-level Period Comparison, allowing you to set it up wherever it suits you best.

More information and instructions in our documentation: :arrow_upper_right: Custom period | Period Comparison | Holistics Docs .

We hope you find this feature helpful. Please don’t hesitate to drop us your feedback at any time!