Launched: Automatic Cancellation for Unused Jobs


  1. You are a curious user
  2. While browsing Holistics, you see a Slow Dashboard and curiously click it
  3. After a while, you see that the Dashboard is actually slow (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and go back to browsing


  • The Job that you spawned during your visiting keeps running and occupying a Job Worker, blocking it from being used for other Reports (that are actually in need!) :crying_cat_face:

After: Introducing :robot: Auto Cancellation for Unused Jobs

  • Set the Unused Job Timeout (e.g. to 3 seconds), and voilà, any lingering job gets axed, automatically, freeing the Job Worker for other important tasks! :metal:


Please find the feature’s documentation here: Job Controls | Holistics Docs (4.0)

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p/s: Why hasn’t Holistics been doing this until now?

The old behavior (of keeping Jobs running after leaving the page) was implemented many years ago.

  • Customers may still benefit from this legacy behavior: They can visit Dashboard A, let the Jobs run, then go to use Dashboard B. When they have finished using Dashboard B, they can come back to Dashboard A that has already finished running and is readily cached.

  • However, after reviewing, we find the legacy behavior more often unexpected and wasteful for the resources, especially when users pretty much have no control over it.

  • Besides, there are other alternatives that are much more controllable/manageable:

Thus, we have revised this problem and implemented a toggleable Auto Cancellation that you can enable per your needs!
For new Holistics customer, the Auto Cancellation will be enabled by default.