Launched: AML Studio - New behavior for Switch View between Code and UI mode

What’s new

We have updated the behavior and design for Switch View option. For now, the Switch view option to either Code or UI mode will be applied across the whole AML Project.

Why we support this option?

Previously, the option to Switch View is not very prominent so users don’t know what is the meaning of the option thus causing mental overheads for new AML users.

Also, it’s extremely annoying if you wish to have a consistent view for your project.
Let’s say, you want to edit in Code mode and you have already changed your file_1.aml to Code view. But then when opening another file (file_2.aml), it’s still in UI view and you will have to manually switch to Code view again. The problem will become more painful if you have to switch back and forth among multiple files.

We have solved the issue by applying the Code/UI mode at Project scope. You can switch to Code/UI view in a file and it will have global effect (but only for the current user in a session). The default mode is still GUI

Great little Quality of Life improvement, thanks!