Launched: AML Studio - Modeling 4.0, Search function, and New Design for Dataset

What’s new

  • We have changed the naming for AML to Modeling 4.0 for transparency.
  • New design for Dataset: changing from 2-column hierarchy to Vertical hierarchy for Model list in a Dataset
  • Search function in Dataset

Why do we have these improvements

  • Modeling 4.0 is more comprehensive and general. AML is just the language and should not be used to represent the whole Modeling module in Version 4.0

  • New Dataset design: The previous model list inside Dataset is quite un-hierarchical and makes it hard for users to navigate

  • Search function in Dataset: Previously, there was no option to search through list fields and models in a dataset which is extremely painful if you have too many models in a Dataset. Now, you can quicky search for the fields or models you want.