KPI metric comparison to a hardcoded absolute value


I want to compare to a hardcoded value for the KPI metric. Think a target for a given time period.

As it stands I can’t do this as the field has to be a measure.

Hi @olammas,

Could you provide an example? If you only want the comparison value to be hardcoded, I usually use the two workarounds below.

For example, if you want to set a goal of 500

Approach 1: Create a model dimension called “goal_dim” with a value of 500. Drag it to the “Comparison Value” field and select “Max” as the aggregation method.

Approach 2: Create a custom business calculation similar to the one shown below

Hi @anthonytd. Thanks for the help! That makes sense. I ended up implementing approach 2. I guess it would be nice to do this directly in the UI rather than adding a dim or the business calculation.

Cool, I’m glad it works. Yeah, the UI would be a nice add-on and I have passed on your feedback to our development team :ok_hand:

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