🌟 June 1st UX roundup - 10+ new improvements

Hi community! :person_raising_hand:t2:

We hope your week has been great. For this month, we’ve cooked up 10+ UX improvements to help improve your Holistics workflow & experience. We believe many small changes will lead to bigger improvements. Let’s go over them!

Embedded Analytics:

  1. In the Embedded Analytics modal, we fixed the issue where the Date picker popover is hidden on small screens.
  2. We now allow users to delete their embedded links even when Embedded Analytics is disabled, and updated the Embedded Analytics Management page’s content to be more useful.


  1. When the filter panel has too many filters, the Submit button is hidden way below. We fixed that by allowing scrolling in the panel.
  2. Improved cut-off options inside the filter operator’s dropdown.
  3. The Dimension and Measure fields when you’re creating field filters are now more distinguishable and easier to skim.

Viz settings

  1. Added ... to indicate when a long measure name is truncated
  2. We fixed the combination chart’s broken dropdown option
  3. We revised the name of “Include empty children rows” to “Show rows with no data” and an info tooltip right next to it, for easier understanding.

Dashboard & widget:

  1. Fixed the uninterrupted error messages spilling out of a widget inside a dashboard.
  2. Added a cue so it’s easier to tell when a folder is empty.
  3. We revised the collapse widget button and changed it to “Close widget” to be more precise.

General app UX:

  1. When adding users to a user group, the modal will display the user’s email so you wouldn’t accidentally add the wrong person :eyes:
  2. Set a maximum width for the loooooong description in the Reporting & Data Modeling’s Browse to avoid breaking the table.

That’s it for this week. Please let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues - we’re committed to making Holistics as seamless as possible for you :wave: