Join a model twice without maintaining two separate models

Hi! I work for a marketplace company where we have both buyers and sellers. I have a table of deals, with a buyer id and a seller id, and I want to join our users table to both of these. My objective would be that these show as two separate tables in the sidebar when creating reports etc, but I don’t want to have to keep them in sync and add fields to both when we update the schema.

Is this possible?

Hi @sam,

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To ensure that I understand correctly:

  • You currently have 2 tables deals and users
  • You have created 2 models sellers and buyers and join them to the deals models on seller_id and buyer_id respectively
  • In the dataset, you have 3 models deals, sellers, buyers
  • However, you are looking for ways to keep both models sellers and buyers automatically in sync when updating the schema

In this case, we have two suggestions for you:

Suggestion 1:

  1. Create 2 transform models sellers and buyers by selecting all fields from model users (or table users in your data warehouse)
  2. Create your dataset with three models deals, sellers, buyers and necessary relationships.

In this way, you can update your schema one-time in the model users. Refresh each model sellers and buyers to update the changes. Please note that you still need to manually update any custom dimensions and measures created in Holistics to each model.

Suggestion 2:

  1. Create an One-big-table containing deals, sellers, and buyers information in your data warehouse
  2. Create a data model(s) in Holistics from that table.

Please note that this is more suitable if you’re using a columnar database.

Please let us know if this answer addresses your concerns. You can also reach out to us by submitting a support ticket through our contact form so that we can provide dedicated support to your case.

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