How to use Cross Filters

Hello Team …
I have created a canvas dashboard (1 Pie Chart and 1 table) as the folloiwng ::

I have the same dataset for both … As you see in the Chart it has 2 options … MET & NOT MET … and these data I got it from the After Days & Reset Columns … You can see them in the table on the right …

When I click on the MET section for example in the chart it should filter the table on the right to show me only the “1” in the After Days column right ?
But when I click on the chart nothing happen … FYI I already enable the Cross Filter


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

In the Canvas Dashboard, cross-filtering is automatically turned on for visualizations created from the same dataset.

To use cross-filtering, simply click on any visualization. A control panel will pop up, showing you which reports will have cross-filtering applied. Click on “Apply” and you’re all set.


Hi @Hamza_rashed, it’s also possible that the 2 charts were created from models that don’t have relationship within the dataset. Would you mind double-checking this? Thank you!

I have only 1 data model and 1 dataset for both (The Chart & The Table) … But nothing happened when I tried to click on any part of the Chart … I think we need to have a call to let you see that. Please I need to see what is the issue ASAP.


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

It appears there may be a bug based on your description. To assist you better, could you please submit a support ticket via [email protected] or fill out this form? Feel free to include a link to your dashboard or any recordings that may help us look into your case further.

Thanks :love_you_gesture:

Hi @Theodore_NT
I have sent to the support team and they ask me to send to them the link of the dashboard … I have sent to them that also but I didn’t recieve any updates … Kindly check and update me with this


Hi @Hamza_rashed, terribly sorry for the delayed response. I have replied on the Zendesk ticket that you submitted, can you please check it?