How to get the data only in deltas

Hi Team …
I have created a report in Holistics called “A” as the below picture …


Weekly, every Monday, I send this report via the SFTP as CSV file. From now on, I prefer to only send the updated data rather than the entire report during a specific period.
Is there any way to track the changes in the report?

In other words, if any changes occur to the data of any record in the report during a certain period, in this case, that record should be displayed in the report based on the specified period.

If I wanted to track the report weekly, for example, I would like to show in the report only the records that have changed during one week. Is there any way to do this?


Hi @Hamza_rashed

We regret to say that we currently don’t support this feature yet :crying_cat_face: However it’s a valid use case. We’ve put your request into our backlog for future improvements. We also changed your post topic to Feature Suggestion so that other users can upvote it if they have the same use case.

We’ll inform you when there’s new update regarding this feature :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Phuong Nguyen.