Holistics October 2021 Product Updates

It’s Hung from Holistics Product team. I’m always excited to inform you what features we are building. Let’s see what we got last month!

Date Drill (beta)

In November, we will gradually roll out the following changes to our Date Drill feature:

  • The Report Date Drill will be visible on hover. No need to right-click to date drill anymore.
  • Allow all internal users to use Date Drill without having to share the dataset in advance. As long as they can view the dashboard, they can date drill.
  • Allow all external users (who access the reports via shareable links and embedded dashboards) to date drill.
  • Both internal users and external users to change the date drill of Metric Sheets

Color contrast in charts

Have you ever had difficulty distinguishing text from a background if the contrast is insufficient? No worries, with our new improvement, the text color will be auto-adjusted to your chart color!

In case you have any idea to improve our dashboard or report’s look, feel free to leave us a comment here: Feedback Form

New Timezone Setting (beta)

We are glad to announce that the beta version for our New Timezone Setting is now available! This feature allows you to feasibly change the timezone that your data is processed and displayed.

For example, if your business operates in Singapore, you will likely want every calculation to be handled in UTC+08:00.

For more information on our New Timezone Setting, you can read our public doc here: https://docs.holistics.io/docs/datetimes/timezones

The beta version only supports these databases for now: PostgreSQL, Redshift, and BigQuery (but we’re working on the other ones). Please contact us via [email protected] if you would like to join our beta.

dbt Integration (coming soon)

With dbt integration, we are providing a more seamless and connected data workflow between your current dbt project and the BI layer. You will be able to expose your dbt’s metadata (models’ description or columns’ description) to your business users easily.

For more information, you can read our public doc here: How to integrate dbt project with Holistics | Holistics Docs

Git Integration (coming soon)

With Git Integration, you can commit your analytics code to Git and track every change, perform branching, code reviews to ensure accurate analytics workflow.

:star: Upcoming

  • Analytics As Code
  • Period-over-Period Comparison for Table and Pivot Table.
  • Multiple sort
  • Cumulative sum

Data Joke

Why are two medians in a single data set funny?
Because it’s a co-median :smiley:

That’s all for this month. Stay safe everyone, see you next month!