Holistics March and February 2021 Product Updates ☀️

Hello everyone! Sorry for these late monthly updates! Here are all the amazing features we’ve shipped for the last 2 months.

Cross-filtering (Beta)

More power to your business teams! They can click on a data point on a widget, and it will automatically filter other widgets in the same dashboard based on the value of that data point.

Contact us at [email protected] to beta test this feature.

Bulk Action

Now you can easily move or delete multiple reports, dashboards, datasets, or models at once. Tons of time saved!


Now you can create Heatmaps much more easily, with more customization and color choices. Learn more about the changes here.

Data format in modeling layer

Now, you can change the field’s format on the data modeling layer. Whenever you use that field, you can reuse that format without having to set it again.

We have added many new formats, and also a way for you to customize the format to your preference, such as abbreviations, decimal places, separator styles! Learn more.

SFTP Schedule

With SFTP Schedules, admins/analysts are able to set up a report/dashboard to be sent to the SFTP destination every period of time.Learn more.

Upcoming features

  • Data Alert: Notify you when your data matches certain conditions
  • Period-over-Period comparison: Easily compare metrics in two different periods (year over year, month over month…)
  • Configurable Timezone: Convert to the right timezone for your business
  • Configurable Week Start Date: Match Holistics data with your local calendar
  • Analytics as code: Serialize your data system into code for better collaboration and version control

For more information, please visit our 2021 March Release Note here.