Holistics June 2021 Product Updates

This month’s theme is self-service features! We’ve enriched the self-service capability such that non-technical users can get insights by themselves without bothering data team. Below are the new features in Holistics v3.0:

  • Period-over-Period Comparison (Beta)
  • Data Format in visualization settings
  • New Notification System
  • Bulk Actions improvements

Let’s check them out!

Period-over-Period Comparison (Beta)

You can visually compare data from different time periods, like comparing revenue data this month with the same month last year. For more information, please visit our document.

The feature is coming soon. Contact us if you want to be a beta tester.

Data Format in visualization settings

You can now format abbreviations, decimal places, separator styles and so much more of your data, right in the visualization settings. Just head over to the FORMAT tab and give it a try!

For more information, please visit: https://docs.holistics.io/docs/data-format#visualization-panel

New Notification System

With our new Notification System, you can retrieve both activity notifications and product updates/product news in app.

Bulk Actions improvements

We did some improvements on Bulk Actions this month:

  • Select All for pagination: To prevent the case where you accidentally and wrongly move or delete items, Select All function is only applicable on the items currently displayed in the page.
  • Applicable for more items: You can now move or delete more than 50 items at the same time

Coming up next

Stay updated!

Check out our release note for more awesome features we are working on to let Data Team define and curate a set of business metrics, and allow business users to get their own data without writing SQL or bothering Data Team.