🚀 Holistics Jan 2024 Product Update

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Going back to work after a long holiday can be drowsy, I know. One second you’re floating on the warm fuzzy holiday cloud, and the next you parachute into to jungle of work emails and looming deadlines. I promise I’ll keep this newsletter light and breezy, and full of pleasant surprises.

Let’s dive in.

:running_woman:t5:Holistics Hackathon Week: Fluid exploration, AI assistant, Guided Natural Language Query, and more!

In the last month of 2023, our entire team swapped our usual desks for an intensive 12-day hackathon - or weekathon, as we’d like to call it.

Yep, 12 days, instead of just 24 to 72 hours like most hackathons where you barely had time for practical implementation.

During our weekathon, our members would form teams, propose ideas, work on them for 12 days, and present them to a panel of judges. Our product managers write code, our marketers build PRD, and our engineers do sales pitches.

Everyone participates, and everyone hacks.

We did our first weekathon last year, and the results were spectacular. The judges were blown away by the demos, the teams had a great learning experience, and almost 70-80% of the projects have been integrated into Holistics in one form or another.

This year was even more exciting - there are a lot of brilliant projects that we’ll be using as inspiration for upcoming Holistics features. I’ll share more with you in separate posts, but here are some relevant projects that you might like:

Flex (Fluid Exploration): A whiteboard-like canvas within Holistics that allows users to share their thought processes when performing diagnostics and exploratory data analysis.

The team even made a sleek video ad for this:

Guided NLQ: A Google-like search interface where users are guided to structure their data questions in a way that AI will understand correctly, which brings more clarity and returns much more accurate answers.

MAID (Meticulous AI Deputy): A friendly AI data assistant that can help business users frame their questions properly and translate them into structured analytical questions, using natural language.

If you’re an existing Holistics user, what do you think? Is there anything interesting to you? :slight_smile: I’d love to know. You can reply directly to this email, or drop me us note on Linkedin.

:red_car: Disable Dashboard Autoload

If you’re using Holistics, you can now set your dashboard to “not auto-run by default”, i.e only run after users click Run.

This prevents sending unnecessary queries to your Snowflake or BigQuery data warehouse, hence increasing user experience and saving you a fair amount of DW cost.

This is also particularly useful for dashboards where users want to select/drill down to some condition before running (e.g lookup dashboard).

:roller_coaster: New Dashboard Date Drill

We’ve recently released an improved version of our dashboard data drills, where you can add multiple date drills to your widgets. The results also persist in export and schedule.

:robot: Condition Group (aka AND/OR Filter) (coming soon)

We’re rolling out the Condition Group filter, and it’s set to bring a new level of flexibility to your reporting experience.

Gone will be the days when you are limited to only AND conditions. Condition Group is designed to give you more control in handling complex data filters, like juggling sales data from different regions with ease.

Here’s what you can expect with Condition Group:

  • Create OR conditions between different fields;
  • Group conditions together and create groups within groups;
  • Set AND/OR relationships between conditions and groups them your way!

:barber: Supporting Line Style and Line Interpolation (coming soon)

Trend analysis in Holistics is about to get a lot easier!

We’re excited to announce new enhancements to our Line chart feature. Soon, you can customize your line style with options like solid, dotted, or dashed. Plus, choose from linear, smooth, or step-line interpolation for more precise data representation.

:school: New to Holistics? Join our regular training sessions (free)

If someone just invited you to Holistics, we offer regular live training sessions to help you put Holistics to the best use. Each training session is 60 minutes long, and there are various time slots to accommodate different time zones. And oh it’s completely free of charge.

Interested? Find a slot.

P/S: Not intrigued? Here’s what the audience has been saying! :star2:

:art: January UX updates

Like always, we jazz things up with a bunch of new UX improvements to make your day-to-day work with Holistics even more delightful.

Check out our newest UX Update here: Monthly UX Roundup

Final words

That’s all for this month. If you’re curious about our upcoming direction, check out our Product Roadmap. If you’re interested in what we just released in the past few months, check out our Release Note.

I’ll see you again real soon!