Give an external user the ability to Export Data Table

The viewers of our dashboards need the ability to download Data Tables in CSV & Excel formats. Currently, this feature is only available for the internal view. As customers often want to see data that is feeding other metrics in the dashboard, this would be extremely helpful for them to build trust in Holistics surfaced data.

Hi @Bobby_Ross nice to e-meet you :smile:
May I check if you are referring to our Sharable Link or Embedded Analytics?

Hi Heidi, I am referring to the Embedded Analytics.

Hi Bobby!

You can set that in your embed sandbox, or to add "enable_export_data": false in your embed settings.

Can you check if that works for you?



Hi Vincent. Thanks for this information.

We’ve checked, and unfortunately, we already had this enabled. It only shows PDF & PNG and it’s at a page level. It does not show CSV as option.

What we’d like is the ability, at a Report (Widget) level, is give the user to export via CSV/ Excel.
Let me know if this is possible.


Hi Bobby,

The ability to export data tables is on the dashboard widget, and not the dashboard itself (which seems to be what I see from your screenshot).

Do you mind helping to check if the options appear on the top right of each individual dashboard widget?

Thanks for the quick reply!

We were looking in the wrong place. It is working as expected now. Thank you so much Vincent!!! This all has been extremely helpful.