GET data_model ID (API)

Hi Team - I need extract some metadata and really struggling with the Holisitics documentation. I am using Postman to test the api’s but when I trying to access data model id i hit a wall.

My end goal is have a list of all my dashboards and the source table_name/s (from modelling AML file, bi_tables etc). I have gone into datasets api, query report api, data sources api, widgets api (your documentation shows model id here but not when i pull the data) all those IDs do not show the model id number I need to pull the metadata via api. Is there a SIMPLE way to pull data model ID:{id}

Any assistance would really help!

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Hi Grant, @Grant_Orchard

Thank you for sharing your issue with us!

To make sure I understand your context and assist you with the best possible solution, could you please elaborate on why you would want to retrieve “a list of all dashboards and the source table_name/s (from modeling AML file, bi_tables, etc)”?

Looking forward to helping you with this!

We looking to see the dashboard name, the table name that feeds all the widgets datasets . We’ve just migrated our data stack so its for documentation to capture all exposures correctly in our dbt expsoure.yml list (lineage dag flow etc)

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Hi Grant @Grant_Orchard,

I understood your use case and the friction you’ve faced when trying to get the model metadata out of Holistics.

Unfortunately, Holistics 4.0 API couldn’t support your current use case at the moment. The data_models/{id} endpoint that you mentioned can only work for Holistics 3.0. We’re sorry for not making this clear on the documentation.

We have a workaround to provide you with the dependency chain from a report to a model, but only if you don’t use “Query Model” in your setup.

Let me know if you want to continue on this request.

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