Finding Freelancers with Holistics Experience

Have been reviewing profiles in Upwork (where we usually source contractors) for holistics experience and haven’t found any.

Would appreciate any experience shares on how you resource people to work on data models in holistics.


Hey Dam,

this type of experience will likely be limited, simply because products like Holistics are sill quite new.

The closest product (that I’m aware of) that is more likely to have some experience out in the market is probably Looker; it follows a very similar ‘modelling layer’ / analytics as code approach as Holistics, and any expertise should be very transferable.

Experience with products like dbt (which is also quite new) would transfer well I expect, simply because some of the concepts around building data models will be applicable, even if they’re not really the same thing.

And of course experienced PowerBI / Tableau will have a lot of relatable experience, but there is a jump going from these products to Holistics


Thanks @david-ri for your amazing response! You are right that people who are familiar with Looker and/or dbt skill sets tend to be able to pick up Holistics intuitively well. A few of our customers with Looker experience was able to evaluate and figure out Holistics.

And thanks for sharing your situation with us, @Dtelehon! Indeed, it would be hard to find Holistics consultants on Upwork currently. If you decide to find a consultant with Looker/dbt skills, our team should be able to support them to understand the product better.

Alternatively, we have some partners and consultants (both freelance and agencies) that our team can check if they are a good fit for your needs. Would you mind filling up this form, and our team will help you find it?

Thank you @david-ri and @vincent helpful comments.

I’ve started looking for some Looker/ DBT experienced folks and also filled in your form @vincent . Much appreciate the help here.

Received with thanks, @Dtelehon ! Our team will look into connecting you with our partners. :slight_smile: