Extract all metadata from datasets in Holistics

Hey there Holistics users, I have a question. I am building up my data documentation and I would like to catalogue all datasets, with all field names and measurements i’ve created in Holstics .aml file. The calucations and sql code not built in DBT but rather in directly in Holistics. Is there a way to extract all metadata of datasets, columns names, descriptions and the calc functions as listed in .aml file?


Hi Grant,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

We completely understand your use case, and we appreciate your feedback. Currently, there is no direct way to access all metadata of Holistics datasets. I’ve converted your post into a feature suggestion so that other users can also upvote and share their use cases, which will help us prioritize its development.

In the meantime, we can offer a workaround that may assist you. We can provide you with a list of all your dataset_id. Using this API endpoint for each dataset_id, you can retrieve the models and fields metadata you need. To proceed with this solution, could you please send us a support ticket via this form?

We hope this solution helps address your current situation!

Best regards, :wave:

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Yes, this is amazing! Support tickets sent.

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