Execute A Data Alert API

Hi, thanks for the product!

Would be very good if we could execute data alerts using the API. Now batch processing setups that say ingest things into a DWH daily have the risk of executing the data alerts before new data is ingested in the tables which could give e.g. false positives for alerts.

I could not find this present in the API docs today, and Execute A Email Schedule is already available. It would be good for i guess most batch-oriented dwh users out there if the data alerts could be orchestrated from outside of the holistics client by say allowing us to POST something to https://secure.holistics.io/api/v2/data_alerts/{id}/submit_execute

Best regards,

Dear Alenxander Soderstrand,

Really appreciated your feedback about using the API for data alerts. We reckon this is a valid use-case and are actively working on it.

Just to confirm: you want the API for triggering the Data alert’s condition check on demand (e.g. when new data is done loaded into your datasource), instead of the current schedule on our end, right?