Embedding Holistics within Salesforce

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to successfully embed Holistics dashboards within Salesforce Visualforce pages? We are running into some trouble doing this and would hugely appreciate any guidance.
It looks like Salesforce Visualforce pages must use the language Apex, which doesn’t have an example tab in Holistics Embedded Sandbox modal so struggling to go off the docs.

Thanks in advance, any tips or advice are hugely appreciated.

Hi Shaan,

For generating an embed token, you could use any other language (js, python, etc.) to generate the token, then inject embed_code and that token into the embed link. It is not necessary to use Apex for this step.

After injecting the token and embed_code into the embed link, you could place it on an HTML page (Saleforce Visualforce page) to embed a Holistics dashboard.

Hope it helps.

Hi Duy,

Thank you very much for responding on this.
Basic question but if we want to use Python where would we run the Python code? If it’s locally as a one-off I assume this wouldn’t take into account user-specific permissions, or updating expiry date? Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shaan,

We can generate the embed link one-off by running a Python script locally. Additionally, in the generating script, we can set permissions and an expiration time as per your requirements.

Hi Duy,

Thank you - to confirm, does this mean that the expiration date would be static? Rather than the example code where it gets set to (now + 24 hours) each time someone tries to access.

Hi Shaan,

Indeed, the expiration date for each embed link’s token will always remain static, regardless of whether you run the script on your server or as a one-off operation (You can find more detailed information in this guide: Embedded: Security | Holistics Docs). If you wish to extend the expiration time, you’ll need to generate a new token and include it in a new embed link.

For embedding the dashboard on Salesforce, if you anticipate generating the link frequently, you can set a longer expiration time to avoid the need for frequent re-generations. However, should you wish to invalidate the embed link, you can navigate to Dashboard settings > Embedded Analytics > Delete Link.

Hi Duy,

Understood, thank you very much for the help. On a related note, do you know if it’s possible to allow users to explore a dataset from an embedded page, or is this for viewing dashboards only?

Hi @sdalw,

Currently, it’s not possible for viewers to explore a dataset from an Embedded dashboard or Sharable links. To better assist you, could you please share your specific use case and explain how such functionality would benefit you? This will help us understand your needs more effectively.

Best regards, :love_you_gesture: