Embedded Links Should Adapt Automatically to Dashboard Changes

We’re currently embedding Holistics dashboards on our internal data portal, and we’re finding a problem with it. Whenever there’s a change on the dashboard (e.g. adding a new filter), the code necessary for the embed changes and the all thing breaks.

As you might understand, this is pretty painful for end users who are experiencing broken dashboards, and also for people working on Holistics, who need to be always adjusting the embeds on every change.

Could you fix this or let us know of a workaround? Thanks!


Hi @Luis_Pereira ,

Which version of Holistics that you’re using?

If you’re using Holistics 3.0, I assume that you’re following this guide and building a filters: {} in your codes to generate the token, am I correct? Other Configurations | Holistics Docs

Hello @HuyVu ! Thanks for the help, in the meanwhile the team also got to a similar solution of passing empty filters and now it works, thanks! Closing the ticket, have a nice weekend :slight_smile: