Embedded Analytics & Scheduled Reporting

We’d like to give our customers the ability Schedule their own reports within the Embedded Dashboard. Is this functionality that you have available currently?

This would give our customers complete control on when they’d like to receive the data and would save them time from having to come into the app. I was exploring this space but unable to find out whether it is possible or not. Other Configurations | Holistics Docs

We’d prefer it to look something similar to this, but with the email option:

Hi @Bobby_Ross,

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Scheduled Devlivery feature is not available in Holistics Embedded Analytics at the moment.

Could you provide us with more details on embedded dashboards are currently shared with your customers and how your customers are currently utilizing them? This will help us understand your needs better and find best-fit solutions. So, feel free to share all the details with us!

Hi Thinh,

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Currently, we have embedded dashboards within our app to help customers:

  • Track general usage of the app across their teams
  • Track efficiency improvements of key events they are solving in their orgs
  • Track ongoing high priority items that they must followup on

We’ve gotten several requests from customers to have the ability to schedule the reports sent to their inbox daily, rather than having to log in, as the viewer is often someone that doesn’t use our app on a day to day basis.

We know we can create scheduled reports for our customers, but we’d like to give them more control of these schedules. This would solve such things as giving them the ability to know who is receiving the reports, how often, and can update in case someone leaves their organization or changes departments.

Let me know if I can help further. Thanks

Hi @Bobby_Ross,

Thank you for sharing your use case with us. It definitely makes sense, and we appreciate your input. I have discussed your use case with the team and have added it to our backlog. Rest assured, we will keep you informed if we have any plans to support it in the future.