Email / User confirmation for Secure Link

We love using the secure links. We share them with new clients we’re working work to demonstrate some insights around their data.

But they’re hard to control once they’re ‘out there’. I’d like to be able to assign a secure link to a specific email address. The user has to then confirm they are the owner of that email address before they can access it. But they do not need/have a Holistics account

Workflow would look like…

  1. Create a secure link. Associate that link with an email address (or list of email addresses)
  2. Share that link with the user
  3. User clicks the link, and prompted to enter their email address
  4. They receive an email with a conformation link, and are now able to access the report

1Password already behaves like this when you share an item with another user, and means you don’t also need the password to be sent.

Totally agreed with you here @david-ri!
Even though you can assign a different password for the sharable link, it does feel hard to control, and a bit of extra work to maintain with the current copy-paste flow.
This is a good suggestion, let me add it to our backlog & raise it with the team. Cheers!! :beers: