Duration/Time format support

I have various reports to monitor the performance of our services. However, something taking 456 seconds as opposed to 00:07:36 is quite unintuitive. I tried formatting and importing the data as a time-stamp, but that comes with the issue that is doesn’t allow me to display the time as an average for the period.

Hi @Olle_K! My apologies for the late reply.

Just to clarify, you would like to format a Number field (for example, having a record 456) into Time duration format - hh:mm:ss (00:07:36), so it’s can be more readable and aggregatable?
Please help correct me if I miss anything.

Thanks for the response!

You’re correct, I think it would do wonders for any kind of reporting on time-based KPIs.

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Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, Olle.

This does make a lot of sense to me. I’ll raise it with the team and see if we can support this.
Will surely get back to you here when there’s any update :muscle:t2: