Does delay between data origination and dwh / db affect BI?

Holistics supports different dwh, transactional databases, and even spreadsheets.

But data needs to be persisted to dwh, db, and sheets before requested for BI.

  • Are there any issues with persisting data to dwh, db, sheets which affects the lag?
  • Does the lag become sensitive for analytics purposes?
  • Does the data originate in the form of events / messages such as chats, notifications, updates, purchases, sensors, online activity?
  • Are there need to enrich the data before analyzing? Does the enrichment affect the lag?
  • Do you have demand to decrease the lag?

Hi Sergey,

Could you please provide further details about the specific areas in Holistics where you encountered lag? For example, did you experience the lag while using dashboards or generating reports?

In Holistics, we implement query result caching on our server. This means that if your data sources have not been updated and the cache duration has not expired, you may notice discrepancies between the data displayed in Holistics and the data in your original data sources. To address this, you can force a reload to fetch the latest data from your data sources. For more information on data caching, you can refer to our documentation at this link: Caching Mechanism (Cache) | Holistics Docs.

Hope this helps!

Hi Duy,

No-no-no, I didn’t mean any lag on the Holistics side. Sorry, if my question can be read in this way. I have to reformulate it.

I meant delays that occur before the data has been persisted to dwh and db. Any delays related to data collection and pre-processing.