Dimensions in metric sheets

It would be great if dimensions could be added to metrics sheets in a similar way to dimensions on rows on pivot tables, with associated metric sub totals.

Hi @Alex_H,
Could you share more about your use case?

For example we might to present metrics split by Region.

In these cases, a new metric sheet with a filter set to that Region would need to be added for each version of the dimension, as well as an unfiltered aggregate version.

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We have the same - we would want to ‘pivot’/partition the metric sheet by a dimension - this limits our ability to use the metric sheets to its full capability.

For now, I think you can create Business Calculation Fields to overcome this shortcoming.

Btw, it’s only a workaround, there may be a lot of copy and paste when the dimension has too many value.

Absolutely, although this multiplies out for each metric that needs to be included, creating friction / overhead. Not an essential as there is a workaround, just nice to have for quality of life.

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