Dbt integration, can't make it work

Hi all,

I followed all steps on Integrate dbt with Holistics | Holistics Docs to setup dbt integration.
Although in the Integration it is marked as done, I don’t see any metadata from dbt appearing in Holistics.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Abdel,
Could you check if the lineage diagram is appeared in your Holistics model?

And could you also give us your Holistics model name that got the issue?

Hi @Khai_To,
Nothing appears, no lineage and no model/column descriptions.
All models have this issue, so it seems that the sync didn’t happen at all somehow.

for example dwh_analytics_metrics_bridge.model.aml

Hi @Abdel,
Could you share with us the full code form of the model: dwh_analytics_metrics_bridge.model.aml

Hi @Khai_To,

I cant share the code.
What do you need to evaluate?

Could you share the table_name and data_source_name property of your dwh_analytics_metrics_bridge.model.aml file?

Or you can submit your information via our support form: :man_scientist: Submit Support Ticket (Holistics) (jotform.com)

Hi @Khai_To,

Just submitted through support