DBT & Holistics 4.0 metadata

I’ve finally got my holistics 4.0 account working with dbt integration and can see my field descriptions in development mode, showing they’re successfully coming from dbt, but in production mode the descriptions are gone. Is there a setting for production somewhere to allow it to use dbt field descriptions?

Update: I still dont see the descriptions in the “production” view when looking at the data models but, when I use those models and fields in a report and hover over the little info icon, I can see the dbt descriptions. Possibly a bug with 4.0?

Hi @sm_mk, I’m Tai from Holistics Engineering Team.
Thank you for reporting this issue. We could reproduce this issue on my side. We’re working on a fix patch.
I will let you know the fix is available.

Hi @sm_mk, we just released the patch to fix your issue, could you help check again on your side?

Thank you again for reporting this issue.
If this issue still persists or you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to let us know.