Dataset Exploration: Remembering the "Auto run" option

When I explore datasets, most of the time I want to be able to drag and drop and auto-run without having to click “Get Result”. This gives me instant feedback loop that makes it easy to continue developing the report.

Occasionally only when the dataset is large, I will then prefer to carefully craft the explore.

At the moment this checkbox is always turned off. Even when I turn on, the next time I open an explore it’s turned off again. This is annoying and I keep forgetting to turn them on.

Can I suggest either:

  • Holistics auto-remember the value of the checkbox the last time it runs
  • Have an option for me to set the default value of the checkbox

Hi all,
From now on, Holistics will auto remember the auto-run mode from the last time you used. Hope that this improvement can enhance your experience with Holistics :blush:

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