Data format: add month format "2022-02" to sort the data easier

Right now the month format only supports “Feb 2022” which is fine for human reading, but it’s hard when you export the data, process it in another tool like Excel, and then sort it again.

Providing a numerical format like “2022-02” would help resolve this friction.

Yeah, this format should be useful. But in regard to excel export, I believe excel stores both original values and the format?


A much more flexible date format creator incorporating dd, ddd, mm, mmm, yy, yyyy variables would be very welcome

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Some clarification: In Holistics, when you export to:

  • Excel: Holistics will export both the front-end format and the back-end format. Excel will store and sort by the back-end format (date type) but will still display the front-end format. The front-end format is the option you choose from the format settings in Holistics.
    Please note that, however, for some formats like “Feb 2022” or “2022 Q1”, Holistics will export them directly into Excel as strings, and sort them as are.

  • CSV: Holistics will export only the back-end format.

If the ultimate goal is to sort by the date, then I’d suggest using CSV export in all cases. If you still want to preserve the front-end format, you can choose Excel export, but please be aware that some formats might be exported directly into strings and that might affect the sorting.