Data Alerts - OR conditions

We love using the data alerts as a light-touch data sense check, usually until our operations team adds them to our ‘proper’ data monitoring system.

At the moment, we can add multiple conditions to the data alert, but these act with an AND operator, where each condition must be met.
What would make them far more flexible is being able to set them to use an OR operator.

Couple of examples:

  1. We want a data alert where a value falls outside a range. I’m expecting 45-55. I have to set two data alerts; one for ‘is below 45’ and another for ‘is above 55’

  2. I want to test two fields; and send an alert if either field_a < 5 OR field_b > 10 . Currently I have to create two separate data alerts, but it’s quite normal that if one field is a problem, so is the other one, so you end up with two notifications for essentially the same failure.