Cumulative Sum without dates / time information

Running Total has been launched for computing cumulative sum/avg/min/max over time: Launched: Running Total (Cumulative Sum, Avg, Min, Max)

That would be very useful to be able to compute running total over an ordering defined on columns that are not dates.

For instance, I wanted to compute the cumulative sum of “Times Scanned” in the example below:

The ordering is already defined to be descending on “Times Scanned” and then descending on “Number of unique users”.

Also, I would like to be able to compute the cumulative percentage of “Times Scanned”.

In my case, I exported the data in a csv and did the computation in Google Sheet.

“Cumulative times scanned” is defined as =SUM($C$2:C2).
“Cumulative % of times scanned” is defined as =F2/SUM(C:C)

The table is order on “Times Scanned” descending.

Also it would be helpful to plot the “Cumulative % of times scanned” against the cumulative number of entries (here “cumulative number of barcodes”).

Let me know if you need more information.

Hi @Diane_Gasselin,

For now, the cumulative sum cannot be used with non-date/time field.
We will add this to backlog for future improvement. Thank you for your suggestion.

Totally agree with you @Diane_Gasselin , we had a discussion a few months ago about his issue here

You have my vote :slight_smile: