CSVs aren't pivoted


Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but for some reason the CSV download of a pivot table widget isn’t pivoted, even though the XLSX (and PDF) exports are.

Seems odd?

Hi @will.b,

This is indeed the expected behavior, as we wanted to keep CSV as a source of raw data.
Totally understand why it might seem odd. We should add some notes in Data delivery to explain such a behavior better. Thanks for reaching out about it!

While on the matter, do you have any use case where you would need the exported data pivoted in CSV?

Ah, I see. Perhaps you could offer both options? The file format doesn’t seem related to the data structure to me, I just sort of assumed that CSV was going to be the same thing as XSLX apart from formatting.

We can always switch to the plain table visualisation if we want the un-pivoted data after all.

One example use case for CSV is an export to be fed into another SaaS tool, for example a comms/marketing tool, let’s say Klaviyo or Braze. We sometimes want to do pivot tables to get a row for each user’s, identified by email address, with the columns being some marketing segments or info we’ve calculated by pivoting data columns. These then get stored as user properties in the comms tool.

Not unsolvable, we can always download the XLSX and then “save as” to CSV, but kind of frustrating when it’s already right there in the right structure.

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I see, @will.b,
Got your case there. And definitely agreed that this option should be kept in consistence with the others.

I’ll raise it with the team to see if we can support both types. Will keep you posted. Cheers!