Create a control panel for easier management of filters

Hello Evryone ::
I would like to share my problem with filters that I’m facing …
I have about 6 or 7 dashboards and each dashboard has about 50 or 60 filters … I am facing difficulty in handling all these filters. Like Delete or Search or Arrangement etc …
I suggest if we can create a control panel contains all functionalty that I mentioned above


Hello @Hamza_rashed,

This is Di Hoang from the Holistics Product team. It’s great to e-meet you!
To assist us in understanding your situation better, could you please provide more details:

  1. Are you looking to control all filters on a single dashboard or across multiple dashboards?
  2. What specific challenges are you encountering while managing a large dashboard with numerous filters?

Your sharing would enable us to explore potential optimization opportunities :blush: