Count() issue in combination with business calculation as a condition

So im running into some inconsistancy issues and for the life of me i cant seem to figure out what i did wrong.

What im trying to achieve:
A singular number to show the amount of customers in a certain stage of our customer journey. Since we work with multiple installers, im looking for multiple stage ID’s which all basicly mean the same thing. To make this happen i created a business calculation as a condition which has to be true.

Tried it 2 ways, with an OR functions and a case when function. Both seem to work good as a condtion. As when i look at the raw data in a table, theres 85 unique entries. Which is the exact amount of customers currently in this stage.

However: for a KPI view you’d ofcourse need a number. So what i usually do is count(id) to count the total rows. However this gives me back the number 15. which should be 85. Am i missing something here?

Hi @RobbinZD,

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It seems I’m not quite clear on your goal. To better assist you, could you please:

  • Share a screenshot or video of what you’re working on (remember to hide any sensitive information), or
  • Submit a support ticket through our contact form.

Looking forward to helping you out!

Hi @Khai_To,

Ofcourse! im building a simple dashboard, where these kpi metrics show the amount of deals in that current stage

They all use count(ID) to count the rows based on the specific conditions applied to get that stage.

I use the following business calculation as the condition for the field that seems to be going wrong:

Which results in a count(Id) of 15. However that should be 85. As i can change the KPI metric to a sheet metric and see 85 entries in the database that match the conditions

Let me know if you need more context but thats the gist of it!

Hi @RobbinZD,

Thanks for sharing the image! It’s much clearer now what you’re aiming for.

In this situation, you don’t need to use the OR function in Business Calculation.

Firstly, it’s important to note that our OR function in Business Calculation isn’t meant to replace an OR Condition. Using it in our Visualization Condition might lead to unexpected results since it operates on your data’s result-set.

Secondly, as all expressions within the OR Condition come from the same Model Field, there’s no need for a Business Calculation. Instead, simply use our standard Visualization Condition. Apply the EQUAL operator and copy your ID list into our Filter Values. The image below provides more details.