Control which dashboards can be drilled through to


I’d like to control which dashboards are shown when right clicking and drilling through to another dashboard. For example, I may want to hide certain dashboards that use the same dataset but aren’t relevant as a drill through.


Hi Olly,

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Your current problem is:

  • You have a dashboard A which can be right clicked on and drill through dashboard B and dashboard C.
  • Now you want it to only drill through dashboard B, but not dashboard C. Do I understand it right?

If so, you can go to dashboard C and turn off “Enable drill-through” for the field which you’re using for drill-through.
Please read our doc here for more details: Drill-through

If that is not the problem you’re trying to solve, it’d be great if you can elaborate more and include some screenshots if you can.

Best regards,

Ahh yes but I may want to drill through to dashboard C from dashboard D but not dashboard A. So turning off the Enable drill through for dashboard C wouldn’t make sense.